Thursday, August 16, 2007

A blast from the past!

All I can say is the Truth Project has been AMAZING. So many doubts laid to rest. I'm totally convinced that it takes more faith NOT to believe. Seriously. Anyway, I'm digging out all my dusty & scratched cds such as:
Amy Grant
Ray Boltz
Hosanna Integrity Worship CDS
Mighty God
The Lord Reigns
All Hail King Jesus
Steve Green
We Are Called

As Lanie would say . . .
I hope I did the youtube thingy right so you'all can watch THE CHAMPION just for nostalgia sake!

Remember the line "you shut your face, I wrote the book". What fun we had at the Carman concerts! I got chills when I listened to this cd again. And Witches Invitation! It's all on youtube! My God. There's so much out there at our fingertips.

Hope the video posts. Enjoy!
(I guess once a fanatic, always a fanatic!)

Just in case the youtube doesn't work right -- here's the link

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