Sunday, September 9, 2007

Ok, I'm a total blog slacker

But it's not my fault! First off, let me show you the great pictures from our visit to Dallas while Jess & David went to Cabo.

This is the precious one Art & I had the pleasure of caring for (aka Mr. Peepers):

The most fun of all was gettin down carpet level and doing some serious block banging.

This is Aiden's favorite toy. I still have the music from it buzzing around my head!

The other times that were really fun were our daily morning walks (sorry no pics, because we forgot the camera EVERY time!) and dinner time!

I can't tell you how fantastic it is to be a Grandma!

Some special visitors came while we were on baby duty:
This is "Nana" (David's mommy)

And this is aunt Lanie:

Uncle John was there too, but he was the only one who had presence of mind to take pictures, so we don't have one of the photographer himself! We had a nice meal together -- and totally pigged out on "Fake Crab with yellow sauce" (again, no pictures, but fake crab in yellow sauce doesn't look that good anyway).

We truly had a glorious time. The best part of all was when Aiden would crawl up into your lap and bury his head in your chest--his giant baby hugs. His smile and giggle made us absolutely melt!

We wore out Ashby completely -- holding Aidan like an airplane (flyin low) and chasing her around the house! He loved it! Poor Ashby!!!

And this picture tells it all.

Thanks Jess & David for letting us come and be a part of your precious little one's life! We have such blessed memories!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are super and it must have been a fun time because it shows on your faces. So glad you could share some time and get reacqainted with Aidan. Thanks for sharing they are special to us.
Mom & Dad

Jessica said...

Just so you know, I love Art for being so sweet with Aidan. I love these photos!

He is a great step-grandparent, and now he has a special place in my heart as well! :)