Saturday, December 1, 2007


I've had so much fun lately visting the FAM. I got to go see Lanie & John in Texas, which also means I got to see AIDAN & Jessica & David. YAY. Here are some pictures from that trip:

See that ball? He liked it! Everything from here on out will be measured by how much pleasure it brings to Aidan!

While I was at Lanie and John's we did some SERIOUS relaxing and goofing off, including, but not limited to, kicking Gannon's a$$.

Lanie, your house looks so nice! I love the new table and how organized everything is. Being broke also serves the purpose of minimizing the clutter!

We ate out at Pappadeaux's which was great. Yes, that is a Martini!! It was great too. Shimp Ettouffe ROCKS MY WORLD. Jessica came immediately after work and it was VERY COOL to have a night out. Aidan, however is not quite ready for spicy Cajun . . . next visit I'm sure he'll be up for the blackened catfish with chipotle.

I also got to try Fish Tacos. Good, but not eye roll back. Ditto for the fried cornbread. Guess I need to mexican up my palate.

So anyway it was super fun, but not long enough. Work SO gets in the way.

Oh! I forgot to mention what a lovely and relaxing time Lanie & I had on the drive to the airport!

Next time I'll let this guy take me!


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