Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Did anyone notice Mom turning into a geeK?

Well, it's official. Momma is a tech geek.

I just spent the last few days configuring Grandma C's new SONY Viao sweet a$$ system (which incidentally is a better system than any one of her children OR grandchildren currently own -- Sony 22 inch wide screen display with a 3 gig memory and I can't remember what else, but its huge). Grandpa threw down for this while I was in town. Grandpa of course, world renown for BIG toy purchases.

It was loaded with VISTA. (Oh no!!!!!)


The new geekette is Mommy. Mommy made Vista work with all of Grandma's 5 year old peripherals. And I didn't have to call John once. IT'S A MIRACLE.

My hire out rate is $350 an hour, but i'll cut the fam a break.

OK, first things first:
This is Grandpa's new favorite cup:

This is the tiny but awesome "Cacace" clan:

As you can see, mostly "casual" attire. My kind of vacation! We ate SOOOOOOOOOOOO well:

Grandma & Grandpa C are very involved in a "simplify your life" project, which involves shredding their gas station receipts from 1959 (among other things). This project, however, requires movement of said receipts into the living room first to be fed to their shredder (that eats paperclips). Since there are almost FORTY years of said receipts, it is going to take awhile! The boxes by the fireplace are a TINY fraction of what they are working on. Yeah Grandma & Grandpa! You are an inspiration to me to declutter too.

But the big news is Grandma's new computer.
VAIO® LT Series PC/TV All-In-OneIntel® Core™ 2 Duo T5450 (1.66GHz)
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium: Series Features: 22" widescreen display, wall-mountable, wireless keyboard and mouse; 3GB memory, NVIDIA® graphics,



The pictures of Belize were amazing on this beast!

I had such a great time. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa! See you soon!


Elaine said...

John is amused. Haha.

Jessica said...

Did you help her figure out how to print my blogs with the new layout? That should have been your priority!

Jessica said...


Ok, that was weird saying that about my grandfather, but I was just mocking what he would say about himself!!!! LOL!

Love the pics!