Saturday, January 3, 2009


So, I'm at work like any other Friday, and afterwards, I stop at target to pick up some New Year's resolution diet food and to check out their sale purses, cause mine has had it. While I'm there, I get a text message from Lanie: "You haz package?"
I reply "I no haz package". Next mssg: "UPS says you do".

So now, I'm rushing home cause "I haz package".
Sure enough:

Upon closer inspection I notice it is from John:

And I'm wondering? WTH?
So I open.

And there's dis card.

And now I'm bawling. I can barely make out the words "COACH".

And then I think, "no it can't be, it's just a pretty Coach box that Lanie has from buying something she probably shouldn't have, but I'm also starting to have butterflies in my stomach, because well, maybe, no . . . can't be.

Then, I openz:

And there is wrapping paper with little "c's" all over it and a gold sticker that says "Coach". Now the butterflies are in full out freak mode and starting to make their way up . . . and my cheeks are wet and my nose is running

OMG, I felt like Carrie Bradshaw when Aleksandr gave her the bazillion dollar designer dress with the big bow on the box and she was completely swept away.

Thank you girls and Joey. The best surprises are the ones that really are completely unexpected. (And floor you). What a huge surprise and I'm still overwhelmed by this generous gift. Thank you thank you thank you.
Love you all,
Mommy, Momma & Mom

P.S. Thank you.

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Mom and Dad said...

You have the three best kids that love you so much. How lucky can one be. Hope you had a full box of tissues handy. They have the very best spouses and you could'nt be happier. Just shows, honey, love grows more love.
We love all of our family......