Saturday, July 18, 2009


Grandpa conceived of and orchestrated an elaborate plot to celebrate Grandma's 75th Birthday which happened on 7/17/09. This involved covertly arranging for me (and whoever could make it) to come to Nevada and show up unannounced to surprise Grandma C. I was sure she'd catch on and figure that something was up, but Grandpa was a sly fox and kept everything on the down low!

My flight arrived at 5:30 pm and one of G&G's best friends Pat Benke picked me up, with the plan to be the flower delivery lady. Grandpa had ordered a beautiful bouquet:

And Grandma was VERY surprised! I came in via the side route, so Grandma wouldn't see me sneaking in. I rang the doorbell and then rang again, then rang again. The look on Grandma's face began as annoyance (who keeps ringing the doorbell FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!) and then utter disbelief! Grandpa meanwhile was in the background tearing up! It was awesome! Grandma just sort of sputtered greetings!

Because Grandma was completely caught off guard, she was still in "stay at home and relax" attire & hairdo, so she got wisked away to the "beauty parlor" to prepare for Bruce & Pat and Olive Benke to come over a few minutes later for some 75th Birthday celebration cheer. We enjoyed birthday revelry and toasted to a 3/4 century birthday for Grandma. And drank wine! The Benke's are truly family.

This is Grandma C (aka GeeGee) the next night all dolled up ready to go for steak & lobster at the Hacienda Casino (in Boulder City), down by the Lake:

We were expecting to be just our little clan, Grandpa, Grandma & me, but when we arrived at the restaurant, there were Bruce, Pat & Olive awaiting. What a surprise! It was just fantastic, and then there was the great food! Steak & Lobster for Grandma & a beautiful Parfait (the diet went completely out the window!)

The birthday celebration just went on & on. Art sent flowers:

There were lots of cards from family & friends. We talked to Lanie, Jess & Joey on the phone & Bill & Lois called, as did Rose Marie. The most touching call was from Aidan, who said "I love you GeeGee" and made Grandma cry. Here is a picture of the little one who makes Grandmas everywhere tear up:

We also had lots of fun just hangin around (like we always do). Grandma & I got to do some beading which is always a blast:

And of course we went shopping! We hit Fry's and Trader Joes and Bed Bath & Beyond. Our shopping mojo was a little dampened by the fact it was 118 degrees. So we all agreed to do double shopping with the next visit. (Right Grandpa?) :-)

And apart from the decadent birthday dinner, we were good little boys and girls on our "all-healthy-all-the-time-diets". This was to die for (One Pot Chicken). You can tell just by looking at it how fantastic it is!

In summary, it was just a wonderful time together in every way.

Happy Birthday Grandma C!! We love you!

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Grandma and GeeGee said...

It was just as you said in your BLOG. I really was surprised my knees nearly buckled. What a treat to have Caren come and surprise me for my 75th birthday. Thank you honey for making me so happy. I was able to be wished happy birthday by my precious Grandchildren and made to be tearing up. Aidan also wished me "Happy Birthday, GeeGee" and made me tear up. Thank you all for making my 75th so special. Thanks to Art for the pretty flowers, they lasted the longest. Love you all........