Monday, June 4, 2007

Gardening in 2007

Back in the saddle! Last year was devoted to Ebay so I didn't get a chance to play in the dirt. Not so this year!

First off: this is a "Tomato Tree". According to the good folks at Gardeners' Choice, this "Giant Tree Tomato" should bear 6" fruit. Grandma came up with the idea. The whole "tree" stands about 3" right now. Will keep everyone posted!

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According to the add: "Giant Tree Tomato: Amazing Super-Species Looks Like A Fruit Tree Produces Bushels of Tomato Clusters Summer to Fall-- Basket after basket of juicy mouthwatering beauties up to 6 pounds each... so delicious, so succulent, just one sliced up tree tomato covers an entire slice of bread! A super-growing tree that z-o-o-m-s high as a man IN JUST 3 MONTHS! A living tomato factory so desperate to produce that for every tomato you pick one week, two more seem to jump forth to take its place. Grow In Yard As A Garden Wonder...Or As A Patio Showpiece! Non-Stop Fruit All Season Long! Supplies Are Limited - Make Sure You Do Not Miss Out - ACT NOW!"

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;-) We'll see.

The "work" part of the garden was the landscaping. Last year when I planted the white petunias, we were beset by a type of green catepillar that destroyed the flowers FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON!!! Grrrrrr. I'm on the hunt for the little bastards and if they show their little furry faces, I'm gonna blast em.

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We put in 44 petunia plants this year. We always think it's around 30 and we always have to go buy more!

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But the best part of all this the veggie garden. This year we have eggplant, tomatoes, (and a tree tomato that's going to make 6" tomatoes hahahahah!) brussell sprouts (X 9 plants!--we love em) and a sweet red bell pepper. Strawberries are in too, but up on the tier. (Art gave up his "Dad's garden--for momma's strawberries--it must be love.)

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And lastly, the herbs. Cooking with fresh herbs. THE BEST! From left to right: basil, chives, rosemary, oregano, thyme, dill. Not pictured: cilantro, parsely, sweet marjoram, more basil!

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Got to get to work. Blah. This working nonsense really gets in the way. Amen?


Jessica said...

YAY Mommy! Luv the pics!

John said...

AAAAAAAAAAAmen. I was so consumed with pies today I could barely work. Ok, maybe that's just my excuse. One way or the other, if I could just cut work out of my life I'd be much happier.

--aunt lanie

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