Saturday, June 30, 2007

Home Again!

We're home from Nevada! We had a lovely time with Grandma & Grandpa C being lazy and enjoying fabulous food, entertainment & shopping! We arrived on 6/21/07 and were greeted with care packages & cold drinks (G&G's specialty). The weather was uhm, WARM, to say the least:

So most of the time, we hibernated in the cool airconditioning, enjoying wonderful feasts at every meal and catching up on the latest (with the friends and family).

Grandma had a full menu designed & printed and posted to the refrigertor. !!
A sample of some of the yummies we were indulged with:

Blueberry French Toast

Talapia Filets with Sugar Snap Peas (girls you absolutely have to try this--not only is it unbelievably delicious, it makes a lovely presentation too--company food!)

We didn't get a picture, rats, but the Shrimp Curry the first night was killer.

G&G took us to the dam to show us the new bridge they are building so traffic does not have to snake accross the narrow highway on top of Boulder Dam (or is it Hoover Dam, I can't ever remember.) Anyway, it's quite a marvel of engineering this new bridge. The pictures don't do it justice:

Don't know who the dude is with the white hair & sunglasses!

Of course we hit the mall:

and Art is learning the careful science of being a "bag boy" from the world's best.

Most of the time we just kicked back and jawed, watched movies or napped! The perfect vacation. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa!

P.S. I forgot to mention that G&G let us stay in the motor home (all tricked out with an oatmeal cookie stash & wine!) Grandpa had put the slideout out to open up the living room and it was very, very comfortable--and if you've ever slept in the motorhome bed, you probably remember it is like a cloud (as in Sheraton bed!) It was like having our own apartment right next door. PERFECT.

When can we do this again???????????????


Grandma C said...

What a great story of your trip to Boulder City. We relived it in pictures. Come anytime. We loved having you both. It's even hotter than it was when you were here. You have a raincheck for a float-trip down the Colorado River below
HOOVER Dam. Love ya

Jessica said...