Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 55th Anniversary to Grandma & Grandpa C!!!!

YAY!! We love you and wish we could be with you today.
Art & I send our love & wish you 55 more wonderful years together!!

Art & I are going to Plaza III on Saturday night for my birthday. It is where he proposed with the ring! So that's is sort of an anniversary too. Unfortunately I'm 20 lbs fatter, so I can't wear the little slinky number I wore that night. Then again, I'm 53, so probably shouldn't be wearing any "slinky numbers" anyway! I can't wait though!

Here's to GREAT marriages. I've lucky to have one now, Jessica's got one and Lanie's got one too! & Grandma & Grandpa C have the mother of all great marriages.
Happy Anniversary to you both! Loads of love,
Caren & Art

BTW, in case y'all were wondering: Lanie and John have "paper" for their gifts this year; Jess and David wood; Art & Caren wood.


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Elaine said...

Happy Anniversary!! 55! Is wood 5? I already feel like my marriage is memory filled. I can't imagine !!55!!.