Monday, September 8, 2008

Updating is a pain

Well, we are thrilled with the remodeling so far. But we are sick of living in a sawdusty, no running water kitchen, go out to dinner every night life. They seriously are doing a super job though. Couldn't be happier with the transformation so far. We think it will really help with being competitive on the market, but what a pain!

As everybody knows by now, Art is a total neat freak. I'm slowly converting to his religion, but it has been a SLOW GO. Anyway, this torn up phase is even getting to ME, the queen of slovenliness.
Anyway, the countertops (engineered stone product) are AMAZINGLY beautiful. I'll post some "after" pics soon, but we have to get the wallpaper stripped and change out the green diamond tiles, but after that we should have a showcase kitchen.

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joey said...

im liking the brownish granite! beautiful! I say you leave the cardboard and blue tape. I think it adds a nice "modern artistic look". The whole paint splashes and stains on the cardboard....exquisite. But what do i know, im just a kid who has a fantastic taste for modern style be it kitchens or clothing. just a suggestion :P Love u mom